Break Bulk/Linear Cargo

Belgod marine team of experienced brokers always assist our clients in fixing bulk cargoes like Steel, Iron Ore, Coal, Alumina, Agri Products, Rock Phosphate, Sulphur And Other Products from any port of world to final destinations. This is possible only through our excellent contacts with international brokers, operators, owners. Our relationship with Indian charters guarantee us cargoes on guided terms and conditions. Our brokers assist charters in calculations of laytime, demurrage, detentions etc. as part of usual broking services and also educate them in details about all the shipping terms which they intend to agree and thereby ensures and hassle-free broking services all the time.

When we take the biz whether it is bulk cargo booking or vessel husbanding, we do it with full responsibility and ownership and delivers the best possible service to our clients and Principals.

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